Eco-camping in harmony with nature

Zero energy balance

Our campsite is a zero energy campsite, which means that we only use as much energy (for the stationary operation of our Campsite) as much we produce. The hot water and the electricity is produced by solar energy. This requires a small sacrifice from our guests: the amount of hot water is limited, especially on cloudy days. We recommend that we use the showers in a split way over the day, so we can avoid running out of hot water.

Tiszadada Camping & Glamping solar system LIVE

Eko Snack Bar

Sustainability and environmental awareness are our top priority in the buffet as well. We do not use paper or plastic plates and cutlery. The opening hours are every day in high season and weekends only in low seasons from 08:00 to 11:00 and from 16:00 to 22:00.

Waste management and recycling

We collect waste selectively. We print on recycled paper. Tha toilet paper is also made of recycled paper.

Water saving

We save water as much as possible. Grey water from bathrooms and the rainfall is recycled into the toilet tank and irrigation system. The showers are operated with a timer push button.


We offer our guests organic, 100% biodegradable, Hungarian Cleaneco cleaning products. Only environmentally friendly chemicals are used in the garden and no plants are sprayed. The pool water is disinfected with salt-dissolving system, not with chlorine chemicals (which makes the water slightly salty).


We are a bird-friendly campsite

Based on the guidelines of the Hungarian Ornithological and Nature Conservation Society.

Minimum light pollution

Our campsite lighting is designed to provide only the minimum light necessary for safety at night. This way we reduce lighting pollution in our area and the nearby nature reserve. As a result, we save energy. Our guests can admire the stars on clear nights.

Silent night

The silence of the night is the key to proper rest for humans and animals. No vehicles are allowed to drive around the campsite from 11pm to 7am. Our guests are kindly requested to refrain from noisy activities and loud talks during this time.

Electric car charging point

We have set up a 11 kW e-car charging point at our campsite. As the charging point is intended for overnight guests, the connection is not suitable for fast charging. The electrical connection of the parcels is not suitable for charging e-cars.