Eco swimming pond

In our opinion, an eco campsite should not have chlorine smelling swimming pool. Keeping a small campsite’s public pool clean – according to current public health regulations – is possible almost exclusively using strong chemicals. In an eco-pond, on the other hand, we create a natural biological balance, while mechanical filters are used to remove mechanical impurities. Both methods can achieve good water quality and water optics. The only difference is that we do not destroy the living organisms from the water.

Our campsite’s sample pond shows on a small scale the area’s indigenous aquatic flora, and its water is kept clean by mechanical and biological filters. Information panels placed on the shore of the lake present the flora of the Tisza river bank and the morotva (backwater).

Unfortunately, there is no actual regulation of biologically treated garden ponds in Hungary.

Therefore, we cannot recommend our pond for swimming. Until the rules are established and we are able to license our pond as a swimming lake, it will remain only a spectacle.

For swimming we recommend the Living Tisza beach, a 15-minute walk away.

Should any of our guests enter the lake, they do so at their own risk!

The lake is 1,6m deep, so please ensure that children who cannot swim are only allowed near the lake under adult supervision!

Please take extra care of the flora in the lake! Running, playing ball games near the lake is not allowed!