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The area around Tiszadada offers enough attractions and activities for several weeks. The Öreg Halász Csárda (Old Fisherman’s Tavern) situated in a 15-minute walk away, is widely famous. The Andrássy Castle in Tiszadob is the only romantic castle in Hungary modelled on the Loire castles. The Eurovelo 11 family cycle route runs alongside the campsite. Most sites are accessible by bike. Further situated sites are also only a half an hour to fifty minutes drive away. Below we present you some great propositions.

(The times given are indicative and only up to the time of arrival!)

Tiszadada Beach

 15p  5p  2p

The Tisza river almost embraces, cherishes and nurses this village of about 2,000 people, hence the name “dada” which means nanny, nurse in Hungarian. The river here has a unique beach, which is both sandy and natural, so this riverbank is different every year and gives a great place to relax. The water quality in this part of the Tisza river according to the annual measurements of the European Environment Agency (EEA) has been rated excellent every year since 2017! (

Andrássy Kastély Tiszadob

Andrássy Castle Tiszadob

 1ó 30p 15p

The romantic-style Andrássy Castle in Tiszadob was built in 1885 in honour of Queen Elizabeth of Hungary, and modelled on the medieval knightly castles along the French Loire River. The building has been beautifully restored inside and out, with rooms renovated with original furnishings to show the life of the Andrássy counts. The building has 4 entrances according to the number of seasons, 12 towers according to the number of months, 52 rooms according to the number of weeks and 365 windows according to the number of days in one year.

Horgonyzó Kisvendéglő

 1ó  30p  10p

This is a family owned little restaurant between Tiszadada and Tiszalök, in Tiszalök weekend resort and just few steps from the beautiful river Tisza. The food is excellent, honest and always fresh. They’ve got a wood fired pizza oven and they’re not afraid to use it. You can choose from local fish dishes, soups, main courses, street food classics and home made desserts. It is a must to try!

Tiszadobi Ártér Természetvédelmi Terület
Kesznyéteni Tájvédelmi Körzet

Tiszadobi Ártér és Kesznyéteni Természetvédelmi Területek

 30p  10p

The “Tiszadobi Ártér” nature reserve, which is situated next to our campsite, can be explored on a longer walk, but Eurovelo 11 also crosses it. The floodplain still preserves the wild and unspoilt ancient, watery world of the Alföld. Declared a protected area in 1977, the 1,030 hectares of backwaters, hardwood and softwood forests provide shelter for the former rich wildlife of the Tisza river. The waters of the backwaters are also excellent fishing areas.

The Kesznyéteni Landscape Protection Area starts on the west side of Tiszadob, about 40-50 minutes by bike from our campsite. The area is characterised by a diversity of habitats. It is managed by the Bükk National Park Directorate, which offers a wide range of tourist programmes. Organised excursions, with the help of binoculars, give you an insight into the daily life of the bird species protecting their territory or already rearing their chicks. We can observe the ground squirrels that frolic near their burrows, listen to the jackals that play on summer nights or witness the famous Tisza blooming with Tisza mayflies.

Öreg Halász Csárda, Tiszadada

Öreg Halász Csárda, Tiszadada

 15p  5p  2p

János Girincsi, who cast his net at the end of the 17th century at the beautiful bend of the blond Tisza at Tiszadada, was a fabulous, yet realistic old fisherman. He practised this ancient craft all his life. He would never imagined that after his death his small house would be turned into a popular Fisherman’s Tavern with a capacity of 300 guests

Kis-Tisza Ökocentrum Látogatóközpont

Kis-Tisza Ökocentrum Visitor Center

 1ó  15p  40p

The Ecocentre in Tiszalök offers a wide range of fantastic activities and opportunities for visitors. A birdwatching station, a floodplain nature trail, aquatic and terrestrial programmes help to learn about the rich flora and fauna of the backwater and the Tisza floodplain.

Tiszalöki Vízerőmű

Hydroelectric Power Plant in Tiszalök

 40p  10p  35p

The second largest hydroelectric power plant in Hungary was built in 1954, the ship lock was completed in 1958. It is capable of producing nearly 13 MW of environmentally friendly electricity.  An impressive sight from the outside, it is only possible to visit the plant on an organised tour, which must be arranged by telephone in advance.

Tiszalöki Feketeszakáll Élménypark és Strand

Feketeszakáll Adventure Park and Beach in Tiszalök

 50p  15p  40p

The leisure complex in Tiszalök offers a range of great activities from adventure parks to archery and handicraft sessions. In the opened in 2020 Water Adventure Park children of all ages can have fun on a giant bounce playground. While children can enjoy the water playground under expert supevision, parents can sunbathe on the sandy beach, enjoy a drink at the bar or test their skills on the sports fields.

The world famous Tokaj wine region


The Tokaj Wine Region is undoubtedly the best-known Hungarian wine region, and is a World Heritage Site in its entirety. For centuries, Tokaji aszú and other sweet white wines from Tokaji have been the wine of Tokaj, now clearly complemented also by dry furmints.

Tokaj wine tasting and farm dinner by bus

The Tokaj wine tasting and wine dinner program starts from our campsite for 6 or more people. The standard program starts at 16:00 and includes a visit to 2 great wineries, where you can visit the winery and their wine-making philosophy, and taste several typical Tokaj wines. At the second vinery, a farm dinner awaits guests with fine wines. Pre-registration is required for the program.

Nyíregyháza Állatpark és Óceánárium

Nyíregyháza Zoo and Oceanarium

 50p  2ó

One of Europe’s largest zoos with one of the largest animal populations in Europe, it welcomes animal lovers in a unique oak forest setting. In 2015 and 2018, it was named the best zoo in Europe.  The park is actively involved in species conservation programmes and conservation research. It’s a 50-minute drive from the campsite, but believe us, it’s worth it.

Nyíregyháza Belváros

Nyíregyháza Downtown

 40p  1ó40p

The county capital, located 40 minutes’ drive away, is a lively, charming town with a history dating back more than 1000 years. Parks, squares, vast green spaces, modern and old buildings create the cityscape, which has managed to preserve its old, intimate atmosphere.

Tiszavasvári Termálfürdő

Tiszavasvári Thermal Bath

 1ó15p  20p  1ó

Open during the summer beach season, the Tiszavasvár Thermal Baths offer a variety of pools, thermal waters and entertainment options. In the public vote for Bath of the Year, organised by, the Tiszavasvár Beach Bath won the title of Favourite Bath of the Locals in 2018.

Tiszavasvári Fehér-Szik Természetvédelmi Terület

Tiszavasvári Fehér-Szik Nature Conservation Area

 1ó15p  30p  1ó15p

Fehér-szik lies 4 km east of Tiszavasvári, along the road 36. A saline lake is a natural or semi-natural wetland whose bed is permanently or intermittently covered with surface water containing minerals.  The water regime of the lake is entirely weather-dependent due to its low discharge. The real value of the site lies in the diversity of its habitats and the diversity of its birdlife. Surveys have confirmed the nesting of 41 bird species. The observation tower at the western edge of the lake is used to study the wheatear and little crake, while the low, booming call of the wood sandpiper can often be heard in the reed beds.